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Intel® IoT Developer Kit v1.0
The Intel® IoT Developer Kit is a complete hardware and software solution to help you explore the IoT space and create innovative projects. Here is everything you need to get going; a development board and starter kit including Yocto* Linux* system, Eclipse* and Intel® XDK IDE, IoT Cloud Analytics, a set of libraries, and more. Order either the Intel® Galileo or Intel® Edison board and the Grove Starter Kit Plus - Intel® IoT Edition.

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Where to buy the Intel® Galileo and Intel® Edison boards.

What's Inside the Grove Starter Kit Plus - Intel® IoT Edition:


Base Shield v2
Grove - Buzzer
Grove - Button
Grove - LED
Grove - Rotary Angle
Grove - Sound Sensor
Grove - Smart Relay
Grove - Temperature
Grove - Touch Sensor
Grove - Light Sensor
Grove - Mini Servo
Grove - LCD RGB Backlight
8GB microSD* Card with an SD Card Adapter
9V to Barrel Jack Adapter - 126mm
26AWG Grove Cable
Micro USB Cable
Serial Cable
Ethernet Cable



OS Boot Image (Intel® Galileo Board Only)
IDE Dev Environment (Yocto* ADT)
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Explore source code samples and libraries at the official GitHub repository for the Intel® IoT Developer Kit.

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