Intel® Edison Compute Module

Create prototypes and get to market faster. Bring your ideas to life with this cutting edge, adaptive technology made for a range of prototyping projects and commercial ventures.

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IoT Edison Module
IoT Edison Architecture


  • Dual-core Intel® Atom™ processor at 500 MHz
  • 1 GB DDR3 RAM, 4 GB eMMC flash
  • 40 multiplexed GPIO interfaces
  • Bluetooth* 4.0, Wi-Fi*
  • Yocto Project*, Brillo*
  • Arduino* compatible
  • Open-source software development environment
  • C/C++, Python*, Node.js*, HTML5, JavaScript*

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Android* Things

Android Things* is an operating system from Google to build connected devices for the Internet of Things. Develop smart devices and get to market fast with Android APIs and Google* services.

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Latest Code Samples

Earthquake Detector

Create an earthquake detector that scans the three-axis digital accelerometer for indications of earthquake movement. Using the USGS* API, it attempts to verify that an earthquake actually occurred.

JavaScript   C++   Java*   Python*

Home Fall Tracker

Build a bracelet that monitors and tracks possible falls using the accelerometer, sends an alert, and displays feedback on the OLED display.

JavaScript   C++   Java

Robotic Arm

Control a robotic arm using a thumb joystick where each axis of the joystick corresponds to a controllable motor. Additionally, the motors can be controlled individually via a web page from the Intel® Edison development platform.

JavaScript   C++   Java   Python