The Intel® IoT Developer Kit for the Intel® Edison Module

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Edison Dev Kit Board

When combined with sensors and your imagination, the Intel® Edison module (a hardware and software platform) empowers you to invent new Internet-enabled products and solutions.

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Extend Your Intel® Edison Module

Edison IDE

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Our supported IDEs enable you to code, debug, compile, load sample projects, and much more—all in one place.

Edison Sensors


Supported kits give you a collection of sensors and actuators to help your prototype interact with your environment.
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Edison Libraries

I/O and Sensor Libraries

Interface with the I/O on your board using this C/C++ library with bindings to JavaScript* and Python*.
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Create easy function calls to your sensors for reading, setting, and displaying values with this high-level repository for sensors and actuators that use libmraa.
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Cloud Services
Collect sensor-driven data and use the analysis provided to make data-driven business decisions.
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