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Hinj* IoT Sensor Hub Development Kit

Create FPGA-based industrial solutions more quickly by using an Arduino* IDE, compatible development libraries, and open source projects.

  • Intel® MAX® 10 FPGA
  • Integrated internet connectivity
  • Reconfigurable Xcelerator Blocks (XBs)
  • Flexible interface options: XBee*, Diligent Pmod*, Arduino, GPIO

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Programmable with Arduino*

Rapidly develop your solution with the Arduino IDE, along with built-in libraries for easy internet access.


Use multiple module-based wireless and sensor data interface options, including XBee, Diligent Pmod, Arduino, and GPIO.

Xcelerator Blocks (XBs)

Preinstalled XBs enable capabilities such as floating-point math while custom XBs can be developed for data capture and processing.

Who Needs This

Designers and developers who perform the following tasks:

  • Create IoT solutions for data acquisition and analytics
  • Require FPGA acceleration for applications
  • Develop IoT prototypes for production

Use Cases

  • Edge-node data analytics
  • Accelerated IoT machine learning
  • Connected motion control
  • IoT prototypes
  • Industrial IoT

Kit Details


  • Hinj* board
  • USB cable
  • 9 V DC power adapter


Intel MAX 10 FPGA

  • Embedded 8-bit microcontroller
  • 50 K FPGA logic elements

Integrated Connectivity

  • Ethernet
  • Wi-Fi*

Modular Interfaces

  • XBee
  • Diligent Pmod
  • Arduino R3
  • GPIO

Programming Interfaces

  • USB Serial UART
  • USB Blaster
  • Connected motion control
  • JTAG

microSD* memory slot

2 user-configurable buttons

8 assignable switches

8 programmable LEDs

Analog-to-digital converter (ADC)

  • Performance: 1 MHz
  • Resolution: 12-bit sustained
  • Sample rate: 254 k samples per second

Programmable with Arduino IDE

Program FLASH: 32 KB

Data memory SRAM: 2 KB


Development tools are also available for free download.

Arduino IDE

Get started using the Hinj* Development Board with a simple interface for editing the firmware and sketches that are uploaded to the 8-bit microcontroller.



This is an open source, cross-platform IDE that works with more than 500 different boards. PlatformIO provides additional features that may be more comfortable and familiar to experienced firmware developers.


FPGA Design Software

Intel® Quartus® Prime Software Suite is the free software tool for FPGA design and synthesis with the Intel MAX 10 FPGA. Designers can use this software to implement custom FPGA Xcelerator Blocks (XBs) as part of the OpenXLR8 methodology.



Get additional information and support from Alorium* Technology.

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