Intel® Galileo Board

Designed specifically for makers, students, educators, and DIY electronics enthusiasts, the Intel® Galileo Gen 2 board is Arduino* certified, built on fully open-source hardware with a software environment for advanced compute functionality.

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The Intel® IoT Developer Kit for the Intel® Galileo board includes all you need for rapid development.

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  • Single core Intel® Quark™ processor at 400 MHz
  • 256 MB DDR3 RAM, 8 MB NOR flash
  • 10/100 Ethernet, mPCIe slot
  • Yocto Project*
  • Arduino* compatible
  • C/C++, Python*, Node.js*, HTML5, JavaScript*

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Build Things with the Intel® Galileo Board

Tools for Educators

For K-12 Teachers

Learn by doing and develop STEAM skills for the classroom with guides, project ideas, tutorials, instructions on how to set up your own Makerspace. Connect with teaching professionals through Intel® Engage, our global community, and gain access to free professional learning and tools.

For University Instructors

Take a look at curricula offered by professors around the world for workshops and class projects that integrate physical computing into disparate disciplines. Subjects range from robotics to design, the Internet of Things, art, and computer science, to allow students to engage in hands-on learning and build prototypes with Intel® Galileo boards.