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Intel® Galileo Board Downloads

Keep your development environment up-to-date with software downloads for the Intel® Galileo board.

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How to Apply Updates

The Intel® Galileo board can run on either the onboard flash drive or a microSD* card.

You can use Arduino* with the onboard flash drive, but to use the Intel® XDK or the Eclipse* IDE, you need to use the microSD card image. The microSD card image also enables the Wi-Fi* drivers and sketch persistence.

For Windows*, the two images have different USB drivers:

  • For the onboard flash drive image, the USB driver is located in the Firmware Updater ZIP file in a subfolder called "Galileo Driver."
  • For the microSD card image, the USB driver is located in a folder called "win-driver" inside the microSD card image. You can copy the ZIP file inside to your machine once you've created the image on the microSD card.

Onboard Flash Firmware Updater

Download the On-Board Flash Firmware Updater for your development platform.

Windows* (9.46 MB, .zip)
OS X* (9.56 MB, .zip)
Linux* (9.39 MB, .zip)

User Guide

Files for Board Flashing

Flash via SPI Flash Tool

This image is for in-system programming of the Intel® Galileo board serial peripheral interface (SPI) flash using a tool such as a DediProg SF100.

Flash Missing PDAT Release (8 MB, .bin)

Flash via Serial Connection

This image is already embedded in the IDE, therefore it is only necessary if you need to flash the SPI directly via a serial connection.

Flash Missing PDAT Release (7 MB, .cap)

Board Support Package and Compliance Files

Board Support Package

Instructions on how to build the Intel® Galileo board runtime image from the Intel® Quark™ SoC board support package (BSP) release 1.0.1, including specific patches for the Intel® Galileo board.

Patches and Build Instructions