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The Intel® IoT Developer Kit with Intel® IoT Gateway Technology

Kit Overview

The Grove* IoT Commercial Developer Kit

  • Intel® NUC (DE3915TYKE)—a small desktop computer
  • Intel® IoT Gateway Software Suite (preinstalled)
  • Grove* modules



Development Board

The Grove* kit works with the Arduino 101* board (branded Genuino 101* outside of the U.S.), which is not included.


Create a Prototype

Middleware Libraries

The Ubuntu* operating system that is shipped with the kit includes the following libraries for using I/Os and sensors:


Interface with the I/O on your board using this C and C++ library that has bindings to JavaScript*, Python*, and Java*.



Create easy function calls to your sensors for reading, setting, and displaying values with this high-level repository for sensors and actuators that use MRAA.