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Intel® Joule™ Compute Module Downloads

Update your module firmware and download images for your operating system.

Use our guide to set up the developer kit.

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Operating System Images & Guides


Reference Operating System for IoT

This is a new 4.4 kernel-based Linux* distribution for the compute module created using the Yocto* Project. The image, REF-OS-IOT, is maintained by Intel and includes optimized libraries and select tools to accelerate the development process.

Directory of Operating System Images


Ostro™ Project

Initial versions of the compute module shipped with an operating system from the Ostro™ Project. It is recommended that you update your device with the latest Reference Operating System for IoT.

Operating System Guide
Ostro Project


Third-Party Operating System Guides

Microsoft Windows® 10 IoT Core for the Intel Joule Module
Ubuntu* Guide for the Intel Joule Module


BIOS Files

Current and Previous BIOS Files