UP Squared* AI Vision X Developer Kit


Implement computer vision solutions and run deep learning inference using the CPU, GPU, or an optional VPU.

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Preinstalled Computer Vision Software

Use the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit for hardware acceleration of deep learning inference for computer vision applications.

Hardware Acceleration

Harness the performance of Intel®-based accelerators for deep learning inference with the CPU and GPU included in this kit or with an optional VPU.

Reduce Time to Field Trial

The included production-ready system with mountable aluminum chassis and camera can be deployed as is and has an operating temperature range of 0℃ to 40℃.

Who Needs This Product

Information and operational technologists who:

  • Are new to IoT commercial platforms and need a simple path without a steep learning curve
  • Need a quicker path to deployment

Use Cases

  • Face detection and analysis
  • Retail audience analytics
  • Pedestrian detection and analysis
  • Traffic monitoring and license plate recognition

Brand Recognition and Inventory Management (video)
Personal Protective Equipment Analysis (video)

Kit Details


  • UP Squared board with Intel Atom® X7-E3950 processor (quad core) and 8 GB of RAM and 64 GB eMMC
  • USB camera with a maximum resolution of 1920p x 1080p at 30 frames per second
  • Power supply for the UP Squared board
  • Optional AI Core X Mini PCIe* card with the Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X Vision Processing Unit (VPU)
  • Aluminum enclosure
  • CE, FCC certified with the designated Wi-Fi* and LTE module

Preinstalled Software

  • Ubuntu* 16.04 desktop
  • Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit 2018 R5 release
  • Intel® System Studio 2019 Ultimate Edition (update 2)
  • Intel® Media SDK
  • Drivers for Intel® VTune™ Amplifier, Intel® Energy Profiler, Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers
  • MRAA and UPM I/O and sensor libraries for C++, Python*, Java*, and JavaScript*

Optional Add-ons

Wi-Fi Card
LTE Module (EU Only)

Intel® Vision Accelerator Design Products

The UP Squared* AI Vision X Developer Kit can be ordered with an optional preinstalled vision accelerator that enables:

  • Faster inferencing at the edge
  • Offload processing from the CPU and GPU to the AI Core X Mini PCIe* card with the Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X Vision Processing Unit (VPU)

Hardware Specifications

System Requirements

HDMI* or DisplayPort* compatible monitor

USB keyboard and mouse

Ethernet connection (for internet connectivity)

System Board

Intel Atom x7-E3950 processor (1.6 GHz quad core, burst up to 2.0 GHz)

Integrated Intel HD Graphics 505 with 18 execution units

8 GB LPDDR4 system memory

64 GB eMMC

Available I/O Interfaces







HDMI and DisplayPort

Dual gigabit Ethernet ports

USB 3.0

Expansion Slots

1 - SATA 3

1 - Mini PCIe*

1 - M.2 2330

diagram of the Up Squared boarddiagram of the Up Squared board


Arduino Create*

  • A cloud-based development solution
  • Integrated with Intel®-based boards and libraries
  • Large community collection of guides, projects, and training for all levels

Intel® System Studio 2019

  • Optimize production and performance
  • Get cross-platform support
  • Quickly identify and analyze performance across network, devices, and remote systems
  • Reduce system power consumption by collecting and analyzing power behavior
  • Access Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 512 instructions

Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit

  • Enable CNN-based deep learning inference on the edge
  • Support for heterogeneous execution across various accelerators—CPU, GPU, Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X, and FPGA—using a common API
  • Speed up time to market via a library of functions and preoptimized kernels
  • Preinstalled models included with the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit R5 release

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Customize Your Up Squared Board for Production

Advance your prototype to the next stage through custom software and hardware offered by AAEON and Canonical.