UP Squared* Grove* IoT Development Kit

Aaeon* has discontinued the sales of this kit.

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High-Performance Features

  • Fast processor and graphics capabilities
  • Support for multiple displays
  • Many I/O expansion options

Integrated Software

  • Preinstalled Ubuntu* 16.04 LTS operating system
  • Over 400 sensor libraries
  • Integration with major third-party cloud providers

C++ IDE Support

  • Develop more simply with Arduino Create*
  • Optimize and profile code with Intel® System Studio

Who Needs This Kit

Developers who need a rapid prototyping development platform for these types of applications:

  • Computer vision
  • Media encoding and decoding
  • Signal and data processing 
  • Machine learning

Which Markets Can Use This Kit

Retail Displays
Smart Video
Industrial Automation

Code Samples

A collection of samples to help developers get up and running quickly have been created and cover topics such as MQTT, sensors, and OpenCV.

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Kit Details

contents of what is included in the kit

What's in the Box

  1. Development board
    • UP Squared board with preinstalled Ubuntu 16.04 operating system
    • Power supply 5 volts at 6 amps
  2. Sensors
    • Grove* interface board
    • Grove LCD RGB backlight
    • Grove rotary angle sensor
    • Grove light sensor v1.2
    • Grove button
    • Grove temperature and humidity sensor
    • Grove green LED
  3. Accessories
    • 16 GB USB memory stick
    • Micro USB cable

Optional Wi-Fi Kit

Customize Your UP Squared Board for Production

Ecosystem Solutions

The Intel Atom® processor E3900 series is similar to the processor included in the UP Squared board but includes support for extended temperature range, as well as additional capabilities for industrial IoT applications.

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The Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance provides access to a range of hardware, software, solutions, and services across dozens of companies.

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Take your prototype to production using industrial-grade libraries, tools, and operating system support.

Industrial Sensor Support

Intel® System Studio


For Rapid Prototyping

Arduino Create*

Compatibility with this cloud-based platform for professional developers will speed up your coding process. Features include:

  • Plug and play setup to get started quickly
  • Broad support for multiple operating systems and Intel®-based architectures
  • Access to Intel® libraries for more effective code

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For Production and Performance Optimization

Intel® System Studio 2018

A cross-platform tool suite that enhances IoT device and application performance, optimizes power-efficiency, and speeds time to market.

  • Quickly identify and analyze performance across network, devices, and remote systems
  • Reduce system power consumption by collecting and analyzing power behavior
  • Access Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 512 instructions for code optimization and enhanced system performance

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Middleware Libraries

The Ubuntu operating system that is shipped with the kit includes the following libraries for using I/Os and sensors:


Interface with the I/O on your board using this C and C++ library that has bindings to JavaScript*, Python*, and Java*.



Create easy function calls to your sensors for reading, setting, and displaying values with this high-level repository for sensors and actuators that use MRAA.


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