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IoT Development Made Easy On IBM Cloud*

Quickly deploy professional solutions with the Intel® IoT Developer Kit and IBM Watson* IoT

Develop on Intel® IoT Gateways using C/C++, Java*, and Node.js*

Intel® IoT Developer Kit 3.5 supports gateway development with our IDEs and middleware libraries.

Enabling IBM Bluemix* on Intel® Edison Boards using MongoDB*

Connect your IoT device with IBM Bluemix cloud services using Node.js* API.

When Should I Use a Gateway in IoT Development?

Identify when and how a gateway device can benefit your IoT projects.

Intel Fuels Innovation at NASA Space Apps Challenge

See the diverse projects built for the NASA Space Apps Challenge using Intel® IoT Technology.

Developing with Node-RED

Use this powerful tool with your IoT projects to collect, process, and disseminate data.

What is a Gateway and Why Should I Care?

Explore the concept, use, and benefits of gateways in the IoT ecosystem.

Learning about Input and Output

Learn about the many types of input and output devices and sensors.

When to Use the Intel® Galileo Board

Discover the capabilities and benefits of one of the most powerful IoT boards in the industry.