Whether you are beginning an IoT project to solve a business need or to create and commercialize a product, prototyping is your first step.


What You Need for Prototyping

Begin prototyping with an IoT developer kit that meets your needs.

Developer Kits

Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)

Program on an Intel® IoT Platform using C/C++, Java*, Node.js*, and more. View All IDEs

Intel® XDK

Create web interfaces, add sensors to your project, and work with the cloud. This developer kit includes companion templates to get your project up and running quickly.

Intel® System Studio IoT Edition

This Eclipse*-based IDE comes with the built-in capability to easily integrate sensors via UPM and MRAA libraries, which you can develop in C/C++ or Java.

Sensors and Middleware Libraries

Intel has created a sensor framework called UPM to make developing with sensors easier. This framework includes pre-built code for maker and industrial sensors. You can couple this pre-built sensor code with an Intel IDE to reduce your IoT development time.


The sensor framework from Intel offers the largest available collection of sensor libraries and is free to use under an MIT license.


Create easy function calls to your sensors for reading, setting, and displaying values with this high-level repository for sensors and actuators that use MRAA.

Sensors Library | GitHub*


Interface with the I/O on your board using C/C++, JavaScript*, Java, and Python* with this library.



The MRAA implementation for Zephyr provides a way to use the MRAA C API on Zephyr enabled devices, such as the Arduino 101 (branded Genuino 101* outside the U.S.) and the Intel® Quark™ Microcontroller Developer Kit D2000.


Code Samples

Get your project up and running fast in your preferred programming language. View All on GitHub*

Equipment Activity Monitor

Track equipment usage with this project that monitors sound and vibration sensors. It provides visual notification whenever the equipment is in use and logs data in the cloud.

JavaScript*  C++  Java*  Python*

Smart Stove Top

Set a target temperature, monitor the stove, and get notified when the temperature is reached. Also, store historical temperature data using cloud-based data storage.

JavaScript  C++  Java

Robotic Arm

Control a robotic arm using a thumb joystick where each axis of the joystick corresponds to a controllable motor. Additionally, the motors can be controlled individually via a web page from the Intel® Edison development platform.

JavaScript  C++  Java  Python

What's Next? Start implementing a gateway solution and connecting your IoT project to the cloud.

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