Take your IoT project to the next level by connecting it to a gateway and cloud solutions or extending it through the use of FPGAs or SDKs.

Intel® System Studio 2018

Enhance system and IoT application performance, optimize power efficiency, and speed time-to-market with this cross-platform tool suite.

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Get More Out of IoT with the Cloud

Connect your IoT project and gateway to the cloud to gain insights from the data.

Google Cloud Platform* Service
Amazon Web Services*
Microsoft Azure*
IBM Watson IoT* Platform

Intel® Software Development Kits (Intel® SDKs)

Add intelligence and optimize your gateway or IoT projects.

Develop and deploy vision-oriented solutions for autonomous vehicles, digital surveillance cameras, robotics, and mixed-reality headsets.

Develop media applications on Windows* and embedded Linux* for fast video playback, encoding, processing, and video conferencing.

Offload compute-intensive parallel workloads to Intel® Graphics Technology.

Develop and train deep-learning solutions using your own hardware.

Take Your IoT Project Further with Intel® FPGAs


Customize your hardware solutions by maximizing performance per watt and off-load overworked processors. Intel® FPGAs already accelerate smart city infrastructure, intelligent factory automation, and data center acceleration.

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