Digging Deeper into IoT Prototyping

Most IoT projects involve sensing other devices or stimuli, actuating and controlling devices, or interfacing with cloud services. Learn how to create working prototypes, and add sensors and simple cloud connectivity.

Create Prototypes with the Intel® IoT Developer Kit

Rapid prototyping is a way to prove or enhance your ideas or turn them into products. Whether you’re a hobbyist that wants to solve a problem or you’re developing an idea before you seek funding, our kit provides all the hardware and software you need.

The Intel® IoT Developer Kit includes:

  • Sensors
  • Actuators
  • A microcontroller
  • A board
  • Libraries (for hardware and cloud)
  • IDEs and tools

More about the Kit


Sensors allow you to collect thermal, photo, pressure, and countless other types of data. Combine the sensor with an actuator and you can trigger a physical output. For example, you can place a temperature sensor in a truck that triggers a device to turn on the air conditioner and alert the driver when the temperature gets too high. With hundreds of sensors and actuators available, you can push the boundaries of possibility.

Controlling a Direct Current Motor

Adding a Button and LED to Your Intel® Quark™ Microcontroller D2000

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Any IoT device is only as good as its connection to the outside world. Whether Bluetooth* low energy or high-speed Wi-Fi*, explore the various ways to connect to sensors, devices, and the Internet.

Communication Patterns for the Internet of Things

A Comparison of IoT Gateway Protocols: MQTT and Modbus

Create a Bluetooth* Low Energy Service

Get Connected Through Cloud, Analytics, and API Resources

Cloud development and analytics are becoming an essential part of every project. Gathering, processing, and analyzing data can create business intelligence that leads to value-added services.

Connecting an Intel® IoT Gateway to IBM Watson IoT* platform

Using Microsoft Azure* IoT Suite with Intel® IoT Technology

Connecting to Amazon Web Services* (AWS*) IoT Using MQTT

Compatible with leading cloud service providers: