Going to Production

When your prototype is ready to evolve into a release-ready device, you'll need to change everything, including code, physical devices, sensors, security, and manageability. The result will be a robust product that is scalable, integrated across all your systems, and ready for the real world.

Optimizing Your Prototype

Transforming your prototype into reality means optimizing it to production-level requirements—whether you are creating a few commercial devices or thousands.

Operating System Choices and Customization

Your choice of operating system will determine how your device is managed, the scalability of the product, as well as the cost of deployment and maintenance. Below are the operating systems available on Intel boards.

Wind River Pulsar Linux*
Wind River Linux*
Zephyr Project*
Snappy Ubuntu* Core
Windows® 10 IoT

Managing Devices

Moving devices from prototype to production means thinking about actions such as provisioning, authentication, diagnostics, monitoring, and more.

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Securing Devices

Internet-connected devices with sensors are constantly collecting data, such as personal information and GPS location. This makes securing your IoT deployments something you should not overlook.

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