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Autodesk University Shows How Intel Technology Powers 3D Design & Engineering Software

At the Autodesk University event in Las Vegas, November 14-16, civil and commercial/industrial designers and manufacturers who use Autodesk software came together to see The Future of Making Things.

Android Things* Developer Preview 4 brings opportunities to run web apps on the Intel® Joule module

Today Google* released the fourth developer preview (DP4) of Android Things*, an operating system for developing connected embedded devices. We are excited that DP4 brings new supported features that include OpenGL* and WebView* support for the...

Innovate FPGA Design Contest

Trending on IoT: Our Most Popular Developer Stories for November

Announcing new IoT software and hardware developer kits: Arduino Create* Support for Intel®-Based Platforms and the UP Squared* Grove* IoT Development Kit this month.

Android Things* Developer Preview 3 on the Intel® Joule™ and Intel® Edison Compute Modules

Intel is excited about the updates Google* announced today as part of their third developer preview (DP3) of Android Things* for developers to prototype and build IOT devices. DP3 now supports Bluetooth® wireless technology and USB Host for all...

Proton Collisions

Top Ten Intel Software Developer Stories November

Announcing new IoT developer kits this month along with tips on which processor is right for your VR projects.

IoT JumpWay Intel® Computer Vision SDK Windows Console TASS PVL Webcam Security System

Introduction Here you will find a sample application for Techbubble Assisted Sight System Photography Vision Library (TASS PVL), a Computer Vision security system using Intel® Computer Vision SDK...

Intelligent Infrastructure for Smart Cities enabled using Intel and GE Predix

I recently had the pleasure of talking to Priyanka Bagade about a really interesting project that she created – the Intelligent Infrastructure for Smart Cities demo. This demo focuses on how to build a smart infrastructure system enabled by Intel...

Top Trending IoT October

Trending on IoT: Our Most Popular Developer Stories for October

Learn more about Intel® System Studio 2018-- from the basics to more advanced applications. We also focus on protection and encryption this month.


IoT Skill-Building, Mentoring and More For Developers – Attend Intel Global IoT DevFest II  Nov. 7-8 The return of Intel’s premier online forum for IoT developers worldwide is only weeks away  – which means it’s time to reserve your place at this...

October Top Ten

Top Ten Intel Software Developer Stories | October

Learn to build a face access control solution, get horrified in a haunted high school, and be sure to register for the Intel® HPC Developer Conference this month.

Smashing the IoT Deployment Hurdle: Introducing the Intel® Secure Device Onboard Service

Imagine you’re going to install 10,000 smart light bulbs in a factory. How much time should you schedule?  Before they can start streaming data, you need to key in each device identity, coordinate network credentials with IT, and register each...

Intel® Secure Device Onboard: Onboarding Billions of Devices Just Got Simpler

Today, at IoT Solution World Congress in Barcelona, Intel launched the Intel® Secure Device Onboard (Intel® SDO) service. Intel SDO vastly accelerates trusted onboarding of IoT devices—from minutes to seconds—with a zero-touch, automated process....

Intel® Software Innovator Rose Day: Analyzing Environmental Changes and How They Impact Your Health

Rose Day is an Intel® Software Innovator that has grown up around technology and focused her education since high school in the field. She works with sensors and home automation technology to collect and analyze environmental factors in order to...

Computer Vision for IoT

Trending on IoT: Our Most Popular Developer Stories for September

Python* code samples, sensors, computer vision and more round our our September issue.

September Top Ten

Top Ten Intel Software Developer Stories | September

Find out who won the 2017 Intel® Level Up Game Developer Contest. Plus we discover vectorization in games as well as profiling TensorFlow* workflows.

Intel® Computer Vision SDK - A Brief Overview

Earlier this month the Intel® Computer Vision SDK Beta was released. This SDK allows developers to make their computer vision applications more accurate and faster. This week I had the pleasure of sitting down with Tudor Panu in order to talk to him...

Global IoT DevFest Returns – Bigger & Better

Submit Papers & Register for Online Talks by ~100 Industry Experts Over 32 Hours of Developer Training and Mentoring   If you benefited from the first IoT online forum in June sponsored by Intel and WiththeBest, there’s good news – Global IoT...

Getting to Small Batches in Hardware Design using Simulation

In the previous part of this two-part blog, I discussed the general principle of doing work in small batches, the great benefits that it brings, and how the principle can be applied outside the traditional software development domain. In this part...

Intel® Developer Mesh: Editor’s Picks August 2017

Every month I pick out 5 projects from Intel® Developer Mesh that I find interesting and share them with you. There is a diverse array of projects on the site, so narrowing it down to just five can be difficult! Since, it’s August, and here in the...

IoT in LHC: A Deeper Look into the Frameworks

I’m Lamija Tupo, a student from Sarajevo, and I’m a summer student in CERN as part of CERN Openlab. I’m working on ‘Edge Computing: Integrating IoT Devices into the LHC Control Systems’ project using the Intel® Joule™ development board. The final...

Intel® Black Belt Software Developers, Intel® Software Innovators, & Intel® Student Ambassadors: August 2017

Intel® Developers and Innovators were busy over the last month! Here’s an update on what the Intel® Software Innovators, Intel® Black Belt Software Developers, and Intel® Student Ambassadors were up to around the globe. BLACK BELT SPOTLIGHT...

August !oT 2017

Trending on IoT: Our Most Popular Developer Stories for August

View the "Get Into IoT" video series, learn about computer vision as it applies to IoT, and more on sensors and actuators this month.

The Small Batches Principle – Building Big one Piece at a Time

The concept of “Agile” is usually associated with software development, and much of what is being said about Agile is really tailored for pure software development. Still, people are trying to apply Agile to system and hardware development, but...

IoT in LHC: Introduction

I’m Lamija Tupo, a student from Sarajevo, and I’m a CERN summer student as part of CERN Openlab. I’m working on ‘Edge Computing: Integrating IoT Devices into the LHC Control Systems’ project using the Intel® Joule™ development board. At the...

IoT JumpWay Intel® NUC DE3815TYKE OpenFace TASS Computer Vision Example

IoT JumpWay Intel® NUC DE3815TYKE OpenFace TASS Computer Vision Example Introduction Want to turn your Intel® NUC DE3815TYKE, or any Linux box running Ubuntu into an Artificially Intelligent, IoT Connected CCTV Hub? This tutorial is for you!....

Intel® Software Innovator Adam Milton-Barker: Using AI and IoT to Disrupt Technology

Adam Milton-Barker joined the Intel® Software Innovator program earlier this year and has been involved in a whirlwind of activity – everything from speaking at CodeMotion Amsterdam, TedX in Melbourne, IoT Solutions Hackathon in Furth Germany, and...

Connecting to SAP Cloud Platform* Internet of Things

Trending on IoT: Our Most Popular Developer Stories for July

Hot summer reads in July. Find out more about Wind River* Helix Cloud, installing IoT gateways and more this month.

The Selfie Robot: An Integrated Cloud Powered Framework

  Introduction Two of our interns in the DPI Community Evangelism group, Isabel Zhang and Milly Xun, have created an interesting IoT/Robotics project over the past two months.     The project features a robot arm with a mounted webcam that...

Get into IoT with Intel

Last updated: July 19, 2017Total length: 2 hrs 17 min

This eight-part webinar series takes you from understanding the basics of IoT to getting data to the cloud.

Webinars in Series:

  • Webinar 1 (50 min)
  • Webinar 2 (45 min)
  • Webinar 3 (41 min)
Corona Renderer*

Top Ten Intel Software Developer Stories | July

Check out the new commercial IoT website, find out more about Embree ray tracing, and read about a long-lived game studio.

Developing for Visual Retail using Intel® Active Management Technology Webinar

Join us July 27 from 9-10 am PST to learn about how Intel® Active Management Technology enables a system’s remote manageability to save time and money.

The More the Merrier – Building Virtual Platforms for Integration

Integration. A word to scare children with?  Maybe not, but it definitely is one of the hardest parts of system engineering and building. When different pieces of hardware, firmware, and software are combined to build a complete system, all kinds...

IoT June

Trending on IoT: Our Most Popular IoT Developer Stories

Learn how to make your systems smarter with a new developer kit and more this month.

Top Ten June

Top Ten Intel Software Developer Stories | June

Discover the newest Enterprise IoT Developer Kit, our collaboration with VentureBeat*, and the role AI plays in clinical trials in medicine.

First ever Intel IoT Retail Workshop

As an Innovator we were so excited to get this opportunity to be a part of Intel IoT Retail Workshop at Bangalore and decided to be in it.Grace asked us to be in the workshop and Sourav,Pooja and I joined in.The first ever Intel  Retail Iot Workshop...

IoT Security in the Developer's Mind

Internet-enabled smart devices open up a new universe of possibilities for how consumers interact with the world.  But those same smart lightbulbs or TVs may pose a serious threat if their designers fail to strengthen the devices’ security protocols...

Commercial Developers Workshop Series

Last updated: May 31, 2017Total length: 4 hrs 57 min

Connect to your Intel® IoT Gateway from your development computer, and set up and deploy an application using the Intel® XDK.

Videos in Series:

IoT Training Webinars

Last updated: May 31, 2017Total length: 7 hrs 36 min

In this webinar, Intel® Evangelist Raghavendra Ural will present code walkthroughs to demonstrate the step by step process to develop a...

Videos in Series:

AI Student Ambassador Ngesa Marvin: A Community Advocate in Kenya

Predicting the exact location of harmful weeds in Lake Victoria is a challenge but with Google Earth and wind data, Intel® Student Ambassador Ngesa Marvin thinks he can help eradicate them.  Ngesa started his journey into technology with a single...

Cloud Webinar Series

Last updated: May 30, 2017Total length: 1 hr 44 min

See a practical, smart-home demo that demonstrates how IoT technology from Intel and IBM can lead to an environmentally friendly community.

Videos in Series:

From Microcontrollers to Machine Learning: Intel® Software Innovator Rendra Toro

CTO of OLX, the largest customer-to-customer resell platform in Indonesia, Rendra Toro is an Intel® Software Innovator interested in Internet of Things and Machine Learning. With a lifelong interest in computers and programming that he is passing on...

Intel Software Innovators Shine at Intel's Google I/O Day Zero Party

Intel's Google I/O Day Zero Party is a can't miss event traditionally held the night before Google IO in May. This annual Intel developer networking event is aimed towards the Google ecosystem as well as developers who may be expanding into new...

Intel® Developer Mesh: Editor’s Picks May 2017

Every month I pick out 5 projects from Intel® Developer Mesh that I find interesting and share them with you. Virtual Reality (VR) is a popular theme this month so I’ve picked out a few to showcase here, along with a couple other projects that...

Intel® System Studio 2016 launched 9/9/15

Intel is helping with new Intel® System Studio 2016, a comprehensive suite of advanced tools and technologies to help speed delivery of energy-efficient, high-performance, smart, connected devices across wide-ranging system and embedded platforms. It's already helping developers improve the...

IoT May

Trending on IoT: Our Most Popular Intel® IoT Developer Stories for May

This month we visit the three phases of the IoT revolution, learn more about the Intel® Quark™ Microcontroller D2000, and develop an autonomous vehicle.

Ubuntu Core on an Intel NUC

Ubuntu Core is a version of the Ubuntu Linux distribution modified for use on IoT devices.  It employs a "snap" packaging system, originally developed for Ubuntu Mobile Devices, and brings many phone “features” to the IoT Developer. Over the Air...

Developing IoT Applications with the Intel® NUC and Ubuntu* Core Webinar

Join us for the "Developing IoT Applications with the Intel® NUC and Ubuntu* Core Webinar, Thursday, May 25 from 9:00 am to 10:00 am (PST). Get an overview of the operating system Ubuntu* Core for IoT and its new “snap” packaging/container system.

The Three Phases of the IoT Revolution and the Resources Developers Need to Get Started

Every day, developers around the globe dream up transformative ideas to use technology to help their customers live healthier, safer, and more productive lives. They propose leveraging new and existing technology and infrastructure to connect...

Top Trending IoT April

Trending on IoT: Our Most Popular Intel® IoT Developer Stories for April

Speak at Iot Dev Fest! Find out more about display technology and download code samples in Python this month.