Set Up Your Board

List of supported operating systems

Set Up Your Integrated Development Environment

Choose an integrated development environment (IDE) for your preferred programming language. Create and run a sample project to get the on-board LED blinking.

Intel® XDK IoT Edition

Use Node.js* with the Intel® XDK IoT Edition to create web interfaces, add sensors to your project, and work with the cloud. The Intel XDK IoT Edition comes with companion templates to get your project up and running quickly.

Windows* OS X* Linux* 32-bit Linux* 64-bit

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Arduino is good for quickly adding sensors since a lot of code is available from manufacturers. Dozens of Arduino-compatible shields are available for connectivity, and it's easy to program.

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Intel® System Studio IoT Edition

This Eclipse*-based IDE comes with the built-in capability to easily integrate sensors via UPM and MRAA libraries, which you can develop in C/C++ or Java.

Windows* OS X* Linux*

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While we don't provide an IDE for Python, Python comes pre-installed on your board. You can also find Python support in our sensor library.

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