Open Source Reference Implementations

Deploy your own IoT solutions by using these prebuilt open source projects.


Shopper Gaze Monitor

Build a solution that monitors customer expressions and reactions to product positioning or advertising collateral that is positioned on retail shelves.

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Facial Recognition Access Control

Develop a facial detection and recognition solution using the OpenVINO™ toolkit, C++, and MQTT to grant access to designated areas.

Use Cases

  • Control access to buildings
  • Restrict equipment operation
  • Enable security for authorized individuals

People Counter System

Create a smart video application using the OpenVINO™ toolkit. The toolkit uses models and inference to run single-class object detection.

Use Cases

  • Track activity in retail
  • Monitor factory workspaces and building entrances
  • Capture and record information on the number of people

Intruder Detector

Build an application that alerts you when someone enters a restricted area. Learn how to use models for multiclass object detection.

Use Cases

  • Monitor and record activity in controlled spaces
  • Track parking lots, entrances, and property

Store Traffic Monitor

Monitor three different streams of video that count people inside and outside of a facility. This application also counts product inventory.

Use Cases

  • Detect movement of people
  • Track foot activity in retail or warehouse spaces
  • Monitor availability of products on shelves

Store Aisle Monitor

Capture video, generate a heat map, record the number of people present, and then integrate the results. The program can also create an output video and save snapshots.

Use Cases

  • Factory or warehouse activity
  • Restaurant activity
  • Hospital lobbies and floors

Object Flaw Detector

Detect various anomalies of an object that is moving on a conveyor belt within a manufacturing facility, and then run analysis on what is detected.

Use Cases

  • Identify products damaged during manufacturing
  • Monitor product orientation for labeling
  • Detect labels for product UPC identification

Motor Defect Detector

Predict performance issues with manufacturing equipment motors. Perform local or cloud analytics of the issues found, and then display the data on a user interface to determine when failures might arise.

Use Cases

  • Machinery
  • Air conditioning units
  • Other equipment monitoring

Intelligent Vending Machine

Monitor the inventory, product sales, and maintenance of a vending machine.

Use Cases

  • Retail distribution
  • Remote monitoring
  • Vending machine usage

Environment Monitor

Monitor and track the environment in order to gauge the quality of the air and report the presence of toxins.

Use Cases

  • Public areas
  • Warehouses and machine shops
  • Homes