What You Will Learn

Use this solution to enhance machine operator safety. A machine-mounted camera monitors and detects the emotions of a machine operator. Send an alert if the operator is distracted and angry for a sustained, predetermined time while the machine is in operation.

Gain insight into the following solutions:

  • Computer vision applications for IoT
  • Inference to analyze datasets
  • Industrial market IoT

Learn to build and run an application with these capabilities:

Detect an operator's attention and emotional state while they supervise a machine

Alert users if the operator is not looking at the machine and is angry

Interpret data from either a live webcam or preexisting video

How It Works

This application uses a video source (such as a camera) to grab frames, and then uses three different deep neural networks (DNN) to process the data.

The first network detects faces, and then, if successful, passes the result to the second neural network.

The second neural network determines if the machine operator is watching the machine (that is, if their head is facing the camera.)

The third neural network analyzes the emotion of the machine operator if the operator is watching the machine.

Optionally, the data can be sent to an MQTT machine-to-machine messaging server as part of an industrial data analytics system.

The DNN models are optimized and are part of the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit.

flow chart graphic of how the machine operator monitor application works