Create a Restricted Zone Notification Solution

What You Will Learn

Using a machine-mounted camera system, this application monitors people in a predefined assembly line area. If at least one person is detected, the application sends an alert. You can select the area coordinates either using command line parameters or through an interactive UI that allows for boxes to be drawn over the camera feed or video image.

Gain insight into the following solutions:

  • Computer vision applications for IoT
  • Inference to analyze datasets
  • Industrial market IoT

Use the skills learned in this reference implementation to develop similar IoT solutions.

Learn to build and run an application with these capabilities:

Monitor a predefined restricted work area.
Send alerts if anyone enters the restricted space.
Provide an interactive UI for drawing a box that defines the restricted area.

How it Works

The application uses a video source (such as a camera) to capture images, and then uses a deep neural network (DNN) to process the data.

  1. The network detects persons in the frame, and then identifies if they are in the restricted area. 
  2. Optionally, the data can then be sent to an MQTT machine-to-machine messaging server as part of an industrial data analytics system.

The DNN models are optimized and are part of the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit.