Open Source Reference Implementations

Deploy your own IoT solutions by using these prebuilt open source projects.


Digital Kiosk Display for 4K Ads

Use computer vision solutions to adjust kiosk displays in response to audience demographics.

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Intelligent Classroom

Provide live classroom metrics, such as class attentiveness, participation, happiness index, and attendance without class disruption.

Use Cases

  • Detect the attentiveness of students in the classroom through head-pose estimation inference models
  • Capture real-time classroom activity and determine attendance through action detection and facial re-identification

Smart Retail Analytics

Use computer vision inference in the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit to provide analytics on customer engagement, store traffic, and shelf inventory.

Use Cases

  • Detect people within a designated area by displaying a green bounding box over them, count the total number of people, and the time they are in the frame
  • Use an inferencing pipeline to detect faces, emotions, and head poses

Network Video Recorder

This solution demonstrates how to implement and take advantage of Intel® hardware platforms for video decoding, encoding, and optimization using various media stacks.

Use Cases

  • Transmit video into a computer vision application for people detection
  • Use GStreamer and the Intel® Media SDK to capture video streams and encode them into a format that can be stored on a server

Industrial Anomaly Detection

Run multiple independent anomaly detection workloads on a single system that runs multiple virtual machines through a Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) host.

Use Cases

  • Industrial computer vision and time-series analysis
  • Virtualized environments for multiple applications

Restricted Zone Notifier

Secure work areas and send alerts if someone enters the restricted space.

Use Cases

  • Track worker activity in proximity to heavy machinery
  • Develop safety solutions using computer vision technologies

Parking Lot Tracker

Receive or post information on available parking spaces by tracking how many vehicles enter and exit a parking lot.

Use Cases

  • Track and analyze vehicle activity
  • Report on parking space availability

Shopper Gaze Monitor

Build a solution to analyze customer expressions and reactions to product advertising collateral that is positioned on retail shelves.

Use Cases

  • Measure active versus inactive user product engagement
  • Capture analytics on shopper reactions to visual ads

Shopper Mood Monitor

Detect the mood of shoppers when looking at a retail or kiosk display.

Use Cases

  • Mall shoppers using interactive or map kiosk
  • Grocery store shoppers viewing digital signage ads
  • Hospitals using a kiosk to assist patients or visitors

Object Size Detection

Use a video source such as a camera to capture images and validate an object's size.

Use Cases

  • Detect fabrication anomalies
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Factory production

Machine Operator Monitor

Send notifications when an employee appears to be distracted when operating machinery.

Use Cases

  • Industrial or manufacturing facilities
  • Construction sites
  • Warehouses

Facial Recognition Access Control

Develop a facial detection and recognition solution using the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit, C++, and MQTT to grant access to designated areas.

Use Cases

  • Control access to buildings
  • Restrict equipment operation
  • Enable security for authorized individuals

People Counter System

Create a smart video application using the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit. The toolkit uses models and inference to run single-class object detection.

Use Cases

  • Track activity in retail
  • Observe factory work spaces and building entrances for activity
  • Capture and record information on the number of people

Intruder Detector

Build an application that alerts you when someone enters a restricted area. Learn how to use models for multiclass object detection.

Use Cases

  • Record and send alerts on activity in controlled spaces
  • Track parking lots, entrances, and property

Store Traffic Monitor

Monitor three different streams of video that count people inside and outside of a facility. This application also counts product inventory.

Use Cases

  • Movement of people
  • Foot activity in retail or warehouse spaces
  • Inventory availability of products on shelves

Store Aisle Monitor

Capture video, generate a heat map, record the number of people present, and then integrate the results. The program can also create an output video and save snapshots.

Use Cases

  • Factory or warehouse activity
  • Restaurant activity
  • Hospital lobbies and floors

Object Flaw Detector

Detect various anomalies of an object that is moving on a conveyor belt within a manufacturing facility, and then run analysis on what is detected.

Use Cases

  • Identify products damaged during manufacturing
  • Confirm product orientation is correct for labeling
  • Detect labels for product UPC identification

Motor Defect Detector

Predict performance issues with manufacturing equipment motors. Perform local or cloud analytics of the issues found, and then display the data on a user interface to determine when failures might arise.

Use Cases

  • Machinery
  • Air conditioning units
  • Refrigerators

Safety Gear Detector

For people working in hazardous conditions, wearing appropriate safety gear is critical. This solution observes workers as they pass in front of a camera, identifies them using facial recognition, and determines if they have adequate safety protection.

Use Cases

  • Industrial workplace safety
  • Detect presence of required safety equipment
  • Monitor factories, warehouses, etc.