Open Source Reference Implementations

Deploy your own IoT solutions by using these prebuilt open source projects.

Face Detection & Recognition

Facial Recognition Access Control

Develop a facial detection and recognition solution using the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit, C++, and MQTT to grant access to designated areas.

Use Cases

  • Control access to buildings.
  • Restrict equipment operation.
  • Enable security for authorized individuals.

Intelligent Classroom

Provide live classroom metrics, such as class attentiveness, participation, happiness index, and attendance without class disruption.

Use Cases

  • Detect the attentiveness of students in the classroom through head-pose estimation inference models.
  • Capture real-time classroom activity and determine attendance through action detection and facial re-identification.

Use Cases

  • Determine age, gender, and head pose with deep neural network (DNN) models.
  • Play a 4K ad based on audience identification.

Use Cases

  • Industrial or manufacturing facilities
  • Construction sites
  • Warehouses

Network Video Recorder

Implement and use Intel® hardware platforms for video decoding, encoding, and optimization using various media stacks.

Use Cases

  • Transmit video into a computer vision application for people detection.
  • Use GStreamer and the Intel® Media SDK to capture video streams and encode them into a format that can be stored on a server.

Shopper Gaze Monitor

Build a solution to analyze customer expressions and reactions to product advertising collateral that is positioned on retail shelves.

Use Cases

  • Measure active versus inactive user product engagement.
  • Capture analytics on shopper reactions to visual ads.

Use Cases

  • Mall shoppers using interactive or map kiosk
  • Grocery store shoppers viewing digital signage ads
  • Hospitals using a kiosk to assist patients or visitors

Smart Retail Analytics

Use computer vision inference in the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit to provide analytics on customer engagement, store traffic, and shelf inventory.

Use Cases

  • Detect people within a designated area by displaying a green bounding box over them, count the total number of people, and the time they are in the frame.
  • Use an inferencing pipeline to detect faces, emotions, and head poses.


Use Cases

  • Detect brain tumors in MRI images.
  • Plot predictions from segmented brain tumors.
  • Predict results using a pretrained model and the Sørensen–Dice coefficient.

Use Cases

  • Predict the probability of infection caused by pneumonia.
  • Identify anomalies and predict results with medical imaging.
  • Train models for classification using labeled X-rays from open source datasets.

Human Detection

Intruder Detector

Build an application that alerts you when someone enters a restricted area. Learn how to use models for multiclass object detection.

Use Cases

  • Record and send alerts on activity in controlled spaces.
  • Track parking lots, entrances, and property.

People Counter System

Create a smart video application using the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit. The toolkit uses models and inference to run single-class object detection.

Use Cases

  • Track activity in retail.
  • Observe factory work spaces and building entrances for activity.
  • Capture and record information on the number of people.

Use Cases

  • Track worker activity in proximity to heavy machinery.
  • Develop safety solutions using computer vision technologies.

Safety Gear Detector

Observe workers as they pass in front of a camera, identify them using facial recognition, and determine if they have adequate safety protection.

Use Cases

  • Ensure safety in the industrial workplace.
  • Detect the presence of required safety equipment.
  • Monitor factories, warehouses, etc.

Store Aisle Monitor

Capture video, generate a heat map, record the number of people present, and then integrate the results. The program can also create an output video and save snapshots.

Use Cases

  • Factory or warehouse activity
  • Restaurant activity
  • Hospital lobbies and floors

Store Traffic Monitor

Monitor three different streams of video that count people inside and outside of a facility. This application also counts product inventory.

Use Cases

  • Movement of people
  • Foot activity in retail or warehouse spaces
  • Inventory availability of products on shelves

Vehicle Detection

Parking Lot Tracker

Receive or post information on available parking spaces by tracking how many vehicles enter and exit a parking lot.

Use Cases

  • Track and analyze vehicle activity.
  • Report on parking space availability.