Intel® Speech Enabling Developer Kit

Enable speech recognition capabilities on your IoT-based products.

  • Prototype and quickly take products to market
  • Runs on cloud-based Amazon Alexa* Voice Service (AVS)
  • Intel Atom® processor and Raspberry Pi* versions

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Dual-Core Digital Signal Processor (DSP) with Inference Engine

Designed for building personal assistant devices and providing high performance for smart home products.

Turnkey Audio Solution

Qualified by Amazon, developers can build premium-class audio devices for far-field voice solutions.

Low-Power, Always-Listening Capability

Integrate audio capabilities into existing or new smart home products with minimal impact using low power consumption.

Who Needs This Product

  • Commercial IoT developers
  • Software developers building smart home devices
  • Enthusiasts in the personal assistant space

Use Cases

  • Home entertainment: smart speakers, personal assistants, clock radios, sound bars, and home audio
  • Productivity: PCs, smart speakers with display
  • Home control: thermostat or control panels, home security devices, and appliances

Kit Details


  1. Dual digital signal processors (DSP) with an inference engine
  2. Eight digital microphone (DMIC) boards
  3. Raspberry Pi* connector cable
  4. Three 40 mm female-female standoffs
  5. Six washers
  6. Three 6 mm screws

Required Hardware (Not Included)

  • Raspberry Pi 3 board and power supply
  • Ethernet cable
  • HDMI* cable
  • HDMI compatible monitor
  • USB keyboard and mouse
  • External speaker
  • Micro USB power supply (minimum 5 V, 1A) to power DSP board
  • microSD* card

Hardware Specifications

  • Dual digital signal processors (DSP) with an inference engine board
  • Eight digital microphone (DMIC) boards
  • Audio preprocessing algorithms, wake-word engine (WWE), and software drivers
  • AVS sample client
  • Raspberry Pi* connector cable
  • Documentation, collaterals, and software tools

Available Options

This kit is also available with a commercial grade Intel Atom® SoC for companies that qualify.

Apply for a Commercial-Grade Intel Atom® SoC Kit

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