Integrated Development Environments

The Intel® IoT Developer Kit is programmable using Arduino*, C/C++, JavaScript*, Node.js*, and Python*. Explore the list below and download the best solution for you.

Intel® XDK

Create web interfaces, add sensors to your project, and work with the cloud. This developer kit includes companion templates to get your project up and running quickly.

Intel® System Studio IoT Edition

This Eclipse*-based IDE comes with the built-in capability to easily integrate sensors via UPM and MRAA libraries, which you can develop in C/C++ or Java.


With readily available code from a variety of manufacturers, quickly add sensors to your project with this intuitive interface.

Intel® System Studio for Microcontrollers

Develop for Intel® Quark™ microcontrollers using this Eclipse*-based software suite. Effective debug capabilities, powerful library extensions, and code portability enable innovation for low-power connected devices.


Even though Intel does not provide an IDE for Python*, the Python programming language comes preinstalled on your board, plus you can find Python support in the sensor library.

Wind River* Intelligent Device Platform XT

Harness the connectivity, security, and manageability features of the Wind River* Intelligent Device Platform XT.