Develop Locally or in the Cloud

The Wind River Pulsar* Linux* SDK will have you quickly building applications on your device or in the cloud. In addition to traditional application development, Pulsar is connected to Wind River’s family of cloud-based tools and virtual development environments.

Run Any Application from Any Ecosystem

Wind River Pulsar Linux enables application middleware abstraction, allowing any application from any ecosystem to run on any device. You can build and add packages on the target from a certified repository —all while running multiple isolated systems (containers) on a single control host.

Middleware Libraries

Support for Middleware Libraries, Sensors, Actuators, and I/O

Wind River Pulsar Linux now has MRAA and UPM middleware library support. Interface with I/O, sensors, and actuators on platforms running Pulsar 7 and Pulsar 8.

Develop Directly on GitHub*

Begin building your project in less than five minutes. On GitHub*, you’ll find build system and cross-toolchain downloads and instructions, as well as the layers and packages needed to build on Intel® hardware targets.


Pulsar Minnowboard

Works Great with MinnowBoard MAX*

A powerful development board for both professionals and makers, this open-hardware design allows for endless customization and integration potential.

Getting Started

Rapid Development

Intel® IoT Gateways for Rapid Development

The Wind River Pulsar Linux* operating system works on Intel IoT Gateways including Intel® NUCs.

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