Wind River Linux*

The Wind River Linux* operating system provides the dynamic performance, reliability, and scaling needed for IoT development. As a result, a significant portion of the embedded commercial market depends on Wind River Linux* for exceptional security and flexibility.

Where to Try

Wind River Linux*

Intel® IoT Gateway Software Suites

Wind River Linux is available as a part of the Intel® IoT Gateway Software Suites. You can evaluate the software at no cost. When you're ready, the professional version includes premium services, such as enhanced security offerings, 12 months of engineering support, and more. To purchase the suite, visit the software section of the Intel® IoT Platform Marketplace.

When you are ready, see our Getting Started Guide.

IoT Gateway Software Suite

Recommended for evaluation and development and available at no cost. Get started easily and quickly.

Gateway Software Suites Pro Pilot

Recommended for commercial deployments. Provides enhanced security, Gold Support, and more.

Gateway Software Suites Pro

Recommended for moving from development to pilot. Allows up to 25 gateways and offers a 6-month license (extendable to 12).

All software download requests require that anyone located outside the United States must complete an Enhanced Proliferation Control Initiative form. All orders, including those originating from within the U.S., must be approved before the software can be downloaded. Processing may take up to one business day.

Ready Made for IoT

Wind River Linux helps developers and teams reduce the costs, effort, and challenges associated with open-source software development. It also helps developers more effectively manage risks associated with software licenses and code updates, create more secure and scalable solutions, and leverage additional Wind River Helix* resources.

Wind River Linux* Secure

Secure and "Always On" Connectivity

Continually protect devices, machines, systems, networks, and critical infrastructure against security threats.

Wind River Linux* Flexibility

Flexibility and Scalability

Based on the Yocto Project*, Wind River Linux is tailor-made for IoT to help manage efficiencies and simplify integration within the heterogeneous computing environments inherent to IoT.

Wind River Linux* Portfolio

Software Portfolio for the Internet of Things

Wind River Linux is part of Wind River Helix*, which is a portfolio of software, technologies, and services for addressing the system-level challenges and opportunities of IoT.

Compatible Hardware

These production-ready hardware solutions have been tested by Intel and Wind River* on the latest Intel® IoT Gateway Technology software release.

Intel Atom

Intel® Atom™ Processor Family

Gigabyte* BXBT-3825
Advantech* UTX-3115
Advantech* TREK-572
Dell* Edge Gateway 5000
Gigabyte* GB-TCV1A
BCM* B1255-1900J
Intel® Reference Design for Digital Signage (EL-10)

Intel Core

Intel® Core™ Processor Family

Intel® Reference Design for Digital Signage (EL-20)

Intel Quark

Intel® Quark™ Processor Family

Supermicro* SYS-E100-8Q
Eurotech* ReliaGATE 15-10
Kontron* KBox A-201
Aaeon* AIOT x1000