Using Console Version of Custom Library Tool

Follow the steps below to build a custom DLL using console version of the Custom Library Tool:

  1. Define a list of Intel IPP functions that the Intel IPP Custom Library Tools should export to your custom dynamic library. See the example text file below:

  2. Run python with the following parameters:

    -c, --console

    Launches the console version of the tool (the GUI version is used by default).

    -n <name>, --name <name>

    Output library name.

    -f <function>, --function <function>

    Name of a function to be included into your custom dynamic library.

    -ff <functions_file>, --functions_file <functions_file>

    Path to a file with a list of functions to be included into your custom dynamic library (the -f or --function flag can be used to add functions on the command line).

    -p <path>, --path <path>

    Path to the output directory.


    Enables all actions for the IA-32 architecture (compatible with flag -intel64).


    Enables all actions for the Intel® 64 architecture (compatible with flag -ia32).

    -mt, --multi-threaded

    Enables multi-threaded libraries (single-threaded libraries are used by default).

    -g, --generate

    Enables the script generation mode (the build mode is used by default).

    -ts <target_system>, --target_system, <target_system>

    Name of the target OS (Windows for Windows* OS, Linux for Linux* OS, macOS for macOS*).

    -cnl <CNL>

    Path to the compilers_and_libraries directory.

    -andk <ANDK>

    Path to Android* NDK.


    Sets Intel TBB as the threading layer.


    Sets OpenMP* as the threading layer.

    -h, --help

    Prints command help.

    For example:

    # Running GUI version
    # Generate build scripts in console mode
    # with functions defined in the “functions.txt” file
    # with the output dynamic library name “my_custom_dll.dll”
    # using multi-threaded Intel IPP libraries
    # for Windows* OS, IA-32 and Intel(R) 64 architectures
    python -c -g -mt
    -ff “C:\my_project\functions.txt”
    –n my_custom_dll
    –cnl “C:\Program Files(x86)\IntelSWTools\compilers_and_libraries”
    -p “C:\my_project”
    -ia32 –intel64
    -ts Windows

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