Using Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives Platform-Aware Functions

Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) library provides so-called platform-aware functions for signal and image processing. While the rest of Intel IPP functions support only signals or images of 32-bit integer size, Intel IPP platform-aware functions work with 64-bit object sizes if it is supported by the target platform.

The API of platform-aware functions is similar to the API of other Intel IPP functions and has only slight differences. You can distinguish Intel IPP platform-aware functions by the L suffix in the function name, for example, ippiAdd_8u_C1RSfs_L. With Intel IPP platform-aware functions you can overcome 32-bit size limitations.

Intel IPP platform-aware functions are declared in separate header files with the _l suffix, for example, ippi_l.h. However, you do not have to additionally include these headers in your application because they are already included in standard Intel IPP headers (without the _l suffix). Platform-aware functions cover only the functionality that is implemented in standard Intel IPP functions, and can be considered as additional flavors to the existing functions declared in standard Intel IPP headers.

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