ISA Extensions

Intel’s Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) continues to evolve and expand in functionality, enrich user experience, and create synergy across industries.

Intel® Memory Protection Extensions (Intel® MPX)

Computer systems face malicious attacks of increasing sophistication, and one of the more commonly observed forms is to cause or exploit buffer overruns (or overflows) in software applications.

Intel® MPX is a name for Intel® Architecture extensions designed to increase robustness of software. It will provide hardware features that can be used in conjunction with compiler changes to check that memory references intended at compile time do not become unsafe at runtime. Two of the most important goals are to provide this capability at low overhead for newly compiled code, and to provide compatibility mechanisms with legacy software components. Intel® MPX will be available in a future Intel® processor.

How to Protect Apps from Buffer Overflow Attacks Learn how to enhance security for software on Windows® 10 using Intel® Memory Protection Extensions.
Storing and loading bounds
Intel® Memory Protection Extensions Enabling Guide This document describes Intel® Memory Protection Extensions (Intel® MPX), its motivation, and programming model. It also describes the enabling requirements and the current status of enabling in the supported OSs: Linux* and Windows* and compilers: Intel® C++ Compiler, GCC, and Visual C++*. Finally...
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Intel® Memory Protection Extensions Support in GCC 5.0 You can download the latest Intel® Memory Protection Extensions (Intel® MPX) Runtime library sources for Linux* here: Download (10.86 KB) Download Now License is included into each source file.
Pointer Checker in ICC: requires dynamic linking of runtime libraries
The -check-pointers switch, which enables the Pointer Checker feature available in Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2016, cannot be used with the -static flag on Linux* (/MT on Windows*) which forces all Intel libraries to be linked statically. The reason is that, by design, the Pointer Checker library “...
Using Intel® MPX with the Intel® Software Development Emulator Intel has announced a new technology called Intel® Memory Protection Extensions (Intel® MPX). To find out more, check out the Instruction Set Extensions web pages.  Once you know about Intel MPX, you may want to experiment with Intel® SDE. This article explains how to run Intel MPX with Intel SDE...