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New version: HD graphics - Measure frame rate.

The Intel® Software Development Assistant (Intel® SDA) is a software suite that provides important application profiling and testing software for ISVs and the applications they develop. Intel® SDA has two modules Energy Efficient Performance (EEP) and Intel® Graphics. Energy Efficient Performance will allow you to take energy measurements from the system as it executes and help optimize for better efficiency, and the graphics Module will allow you to see frame rates at the same time and correlate any changes needed.

Measure both Energy Consumed, Performance Delivered and Graphics frame rate all at the same time.

Saves time from performing separate tests and provides a holistic view of the impact to device battery life. Results from different test can be compared to identify improvements made.

Ability to measure both Instrumented and Non-instrumented code.

Developer defines the level at which measurement is needed – overall application or specific workloads within the application - to tailor code optimization.

Tests applications written in most languages and scripts.

Ability to test a wide variety of applications without specialized tools for each.

Simple and intuitive UI.

Short time to learn and become productive quickly.

Comprehensive reports.

Dynamic analysis of data through a visually rich interface.

Offline access to test results via data files.

Import test results into Excel* or any other data analysis packages for custom analysis and reporting.

Support for Windows* 8 and Windows* 8.1

Covers the most popular PC operating systems and development environments.

Available to all Intel® DZ members.

You should be an Intel® DZ member to login to Intel® SDA.

Test results saved along with your Intel® DZ profile.

Easy access to current and historical test results for ongoing tracking.

Highlights application to Intel® DZ program managers.

Opportunity to be recognized and marketed.

Download and run
Download and run either the 32-BIT or 64-BIT version of the tool. Be sure to check your device complies with all the tool’s system requirements.

Create user profile/login
If you don’t yet have an Intel® DZ member account, the tool will require you to create one before being able to run on your device. You can do all of this from within the tool and if you already have an account you will simply be asked to provide your login information.

Select or create a software profile
For every application that you test, you will need to either assign or create a software profile. This is very simple and can be done in just a couple of minutes.

Choose an application to test
Here you will be prompted to select the application you wish to test. You will have the option to choose a program that is already running or browse your device to select the app.

When your test has completed you will have the opportunity to view the results, make necessary code changes and re-test your app.

EEP requirements:

The system should be unplugged from AC power and your battery needs to have at least 80% available charge.

General Requirements

  • Windows* 8 and Windows* 8.1, 32- or 64-bit environment
  • Your instrumented or non-instrumented application to be tested
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x64) - the installer will auto detect and install this if necessary
  • Internet availability while accessing web services
  • If you have a network firewall, the Intel® SDA application must be granted access
  • Supported browsers while downloading the setup software:
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer* 10.0 or later
    • Firefox* 18.0 or later
    • Chrome* 24.0 or later
  • The system should be unplugged from AC power and your battery needs to have at least 80% available charge.

Supported applications include

Applications written in most common languages and environments including Java, C, C++, .NET/C# Fortran. etc. API support for Java, C, C++, Fortran, JavaScript and Python

Supported OS

Windows* 8 and Windows* 8.1 (including Pro)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some usage examples for when I might need the tool?
Customers reporting poor battery life, FPS is too high, testing apps before new release, identifying if your app has a threshold that affects energy efficiency.

2. What constitutes a pass/fail?
This is not a pass/fail testing tool. It is a way for developers to test their applications and devices over time.

3. How is the Intel® SDA tool different?
The Intel® SDA tool is intended to provide more in depth information on the behavior of your application code and help you along the path as you go through the development cycle. It is easy to use, free and will continue to evolve

4. Do I need to have an Intel® DZ user account, software and company profile to use the tool?

5. Who do I contact with questions?
Intel® DZ support

6. Who will be able to see my results?
Results will be secure to your Intel® DZ account so only you and Intel will be able to view them.

7. Where can I read up on Energy Efficiency?
Intel® DZ contains a wealth of information including tools, articles, forums, blogs, guides etc.

8. Where can I read up more on Graphics Performance?
Intel® DZ contains a wealth of information including tools, articles, forums, blogs, guides etc.

OS Support

Windows* 8 and Windows* 8.1


Java, C, C++, Fortran, JavaScript and Python