Configuration Assistant

Intel® Trace Collector Configuration Assistant provides a simple graphical user interface to view and edit the Intel Trace Collector configuration files that are used to define various filters for trace data collection. It can also estimate an average size of the trace file taking into account the modified parameters.

To access the Configuration Assistant, select Views > Configure Trace Collector.

Intel® Trace Analyzer

Configuration Assistant GUI

Select This:

To Do This:


Create, Save and Open configuration files.


Get help on the configuration parameters used on the current page.

Left column

Select from the groups of configuration parameters.

Center column

Edit the values of configuration parameters contained in the selected parameter group.

For the Filters group you can select processes and functions by right-clicking the text editing field.

Right column

See detailed description of each configuration parameter from the selected parameters group.

For description of all configuration parameters in alphabetical order see Intel® Trace Collector User and Reference Guide.

Left status bar

See the estimated trace file size for the currently set configuration parameters.

Right status bar

See the configuration file name currently open. Default if the assistant is working with the default configuration.

See Also

Configuring Intel® Trace Collector section in the Intel® Trace Collector User and Reference Guide

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