Context Menu

You can access the context menu by right-clicking on the Event Timeline. Some general context menu options are common to all Charts. Event Timeline provides some options that are specific to this timeline.

Intel® Trace Analyzer

Specific Event Timeline context menu options:



Details on Function/Message

Access details on a particular function or message in the Event Timeline

Ungroup Group Application/Group MPI

See the OpenMP* regions in the application code or particular MPI functions in the MPI calls

Function Colors...

Open Function Group Color Editor (in grouped mode) or color selection dialog (in ungrouped mode) to apply new colors to functions


Select what elements you want to be displayed: functions, messages or collective operations. By default, all of them are displayed in the Event Timeline.


Print, save, clone and move the Chart (for more details, see section Common Chart Features)

Event Timeline Settings

Set or reset the Event Timeline preferences

Close Chart

Stop using the Event Timeline

Command line for VTune Amplifier/Advisor...

Open the Command line for Intel® VTune™ Amplifier/Intel® Advisor dialog box for selected process

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