Context Menu

Right-click on the chart to open the context menu. The context menu adjusts itself to suit the selected entry in the chart.

Intel® Trace Analyzer



Show All_Processes/xxx in

Show the given profile in a different tab.

Here xxx stands for the Function group name


Ungroup the selected group and show the distribution of execution time over individual routines or code regions


Restore the summarized display after ungrouping.

To restore the summarized display after ungrouping a number of times, open the Function Aggregation dialog box (Advanced > Function Aggregation) and select Major Function Groups.

Function Colors...

Open Function Group Color Editor (in grouped mode) or color selection dialog (in ungrouped mode) to apply new colors to functions

Export (Flat) Data

Save the flat profile data in the text form.

In the Export Text dialog box that appears, specify the filename or choose the file for data storage. Saving includes all data of the flat profile along with the child processes. The default option is to save them as a .txt file.


Search for a process/function

Chart sub-menu

Print, save, clone and move the Chart (for more details, see section Common Chart Features)

Function Profile Settings

Set or reset the Function Profile preferences

Close Chart

Stop using the Function Profile

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Common Chart Features

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