Event Timeline Settings

Use the Event Timeline Settings to change the display settings, the layout settings and the colors of the Event Timeline Chart.

Intel® Trace Analyzer



Minimal Spacing Between Bars

Adjust the space between the function bars.

Minimal Bar Height slider

Adjust the height of the function bar itself.

Adjust Minimal Bar Height to Labels

Make the bars tall enough to display a function label. This option is checked by default.

Use Available Vertical Space

Influence the overall vertical layout of the bars. This option is checked by default.

Function Colors

Change the color used in timelines and profiles to mark functions

Message Color

Change the color of messages

Collective Operation Color

Change the color of Collective Operations

The customized colors chosen for messages and collective operations are local to the Event Timeline Chart. But the customized colors chosen for functions or function groups will be used by all Charts and Views in the same tracefile.

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