OTF2 to STF Conversion Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to convert an OTF2 trace file to the STF format to be able to view it in Intel® Trace Analyzer.

The dialog box contains the following elements:



Converted trace file name

Contains the path to the input OTF2 file to be converted and the name of the output STF file.

The output file is placed to the same folder as the input file.

Open after creation

Check this box to open the newly created trace file in a separate Intel® Trace Analyzer view.

Save as a single STF file

Uncheck this box to store the output trace in a multi-file format. By default, the new trace is created as a single-STF file.

P2P Details

Store information about sending and receiving functions for point-to-point operations. (Increases conversion time)

Include user functions

Store user functions as different events, as opposed to a single User_Code block. (Increases trace size)

Conversion progress bar

Indicates the conversion progress.

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