Summary Page

Summary page provides you with summary information on the time your application spent in MPI.

To access the Summary page, go to View > Summary Page, or click the toolbar button.

If you do not want the Summary page to appear each time you open a new trace file in the Intel® Trace Analyzer, uncheck the Show Summary Page when opening a tracefile check box on the Summary Page or in Options > Preferences > Tracefile Preferences.

Intel® Trace Analyzer Summary Page

Use the Summary page to get the following information:




Open the standard Intel® Trace Analyzer View


Get the ratio of MPI calls and OpenMP* regions to the rest of your code in the application

Top MPI functions

See the most active MPI functions from total MPI in your application

Where to start with analysis

Find advice on where to start analysis of communications in the MPI-bound application and where to optimize the application's performance on the node level

Get a command line for analyzing the most CPU-bound process with Intel® VTune™ Amplifier or Intel® Advisor

Show Summary Page when opening a tracefile

Get the Summary Page for each new tracefile that you open

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