About this Document

This User and Reference Guide provides you with the description of the features of the Intel® Trace Collector. This information is provided in the two main sections:

  • User Guide – describes the Intel® Trace Collector functionality and provides instructions on how to use its features.
  • Intel® Trace Collector Reference – contains the reference information for Intel® Trace Collector.

On Linux* OS, you can get help information in man pages, for example, about the Intel® Trace Collector API calls (man VT_enter) and the Intel Trace Collector configuration (man VT_CONFIG). The man pages are available in the <install_dir>/man directory.


Information in this document is provided with the assumption that you use the latest versions of Intel® C++/Fortran Compiler and Intel® MPI Library, unless another compiler or MPI implementation is specified.

Notational Conventions

The documentation is OS-independent. Linux* OS and Windows* OS may have different styles in passing parameters. This User and Reference Guide follows the nomenclature used on the Linux* OS. Here is a list of the most important differences and how they are mapped from the Linux* OS style to the Windows* OS one:

Linux* OS

Microsoft* Windows* OS







The following conventions are used in this document:




This type style

Document or product names

The term process in this documentation implicitly includes thread.

This type style

GUI elements

Click OK

<this type style>

Placeholders for actual values


This type style

Commands, arguments, options

$ mpirun -trace -n 4 myApp


Environment variables

Set the VT_CONFIG environment variable to the directory that contains the configuration file.

[ items ]

Optional items

[config options]

[ item | item ]

Selectable items separated by vertical bar(s)



Introduces UNIX* commands

$ ls


Introduces Windows* commands

> cd

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