Intel® Trace Collector Reference

This section contains the reference information for Intel® Trace Collector. See the brief overview of each sub-section in the table below.

Section Description
API Reference Detailed information and usage instructions on the Intel® Trace Collector API functions.
Related User Guide topic: Tracing User Defined Events
Configuration Reference Information on the configuration file syntax, protocol file and description of all configuration options supported.
Related User Guide topics: Configuring Intel® Trace Collector, Filtering Trace Data
Correctness Checking Errors The list of supported correctness checking errors and explanation of their detection method.
Related User Guide topic: Correctness Checking
Structured Tracefile Format Information on the structured tracefile format (STF) used by Intel® Trace Collector to store the trace data. The section also describes the single-STF format, lists all STF components and provides information on its configuration.
stftool Utility Information on manipulating STF trace files using the stftool and xstftool utilities.
Time Stamping Description of the time stamps Intel® Trace Collector assigns to events during tracing.
Secure Loading of DLLs on Windows* OS Information on the security options for the loading of DLLs on Windows* OS.
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