Old Interface

To define a new symbol, first determine which value has to be used for the symbol handle, and then call the VT_symdef() function, passing the symbol and activity names, plus the handle value. It is not necessary to define the activity itself. Make sure to not use the same handle value for different symbols.


int VT_symdef (int statehandle, const char * symname, const char * activity)


Defines the numeric statehandle as shortcut for a state.

This function will become obsolete and should not be used for new code. Both symname and activity may consist of more than one component, separated by a colon :.

Leading and trailing colons are ignored. Several colons in a row are treated as just one separator.


VTSYMDEF(code, symname, activity, ierr)


statehandle numeric value chosen by the application
symname name of the symbol
activity name of activity this symbol belongs to

Return values

Returns error code

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