TIME-WINDOWS <time_value1>:<time_value2>[,<time_value1:time_value2>]

See the description of the time format in Time Value.




Use the TIME-WINDOWS option to set up a time frame within which the Intel® Trace Collector will save the events into the trace file. When TIME-WINDOWS is not set, Intel Trace Collector collects the whole trace.

To set several time windows, use the necessary number of time frames separated by commas.


In some cases correct order of messages can be lost and you can get a message about reversed timestamps:

[0] Intel® Trace Collector WARNING: message logging: 168 different messages, 0 (0.0%) sends without receive, 5 (3.0%) receives without send, 163 (97.0%) messages with reversed time stamps.

To avoid this issue, include the first communication into the first time window. The time of the first communication depends on the application.


TIME-WINDOWS 0:1,10:20

In this case, Intel Trace Collector will trace the first communication, the events from the beginning to the first second and the events from the 10th to the 20th second.

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