Media for Mobile

Bring professional-grade media to iOS*, Windows* RT and Android*

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Professional-Grade Extensions, Delivered with Ease: Deliver sought-after capabilities including camera & screen capture, video editing, video streaming (delivered by Wowza*) and content recognition (delivered by Audible Magic*).

Blazing Speed

Open-sourced Samples: Contribute to samples and access the best, developed by Intel and the open source community, validated by Intel.

Cross-platform, Cross-architecture: Support for iOS*, Windows* RT and Android* target device on Intel® architecture and beyond.


Free: Media for Mobile is available in the Intel® Integrated Native Developer Experience (Intel® INDE) Starter Edition for free.

WATCH a demonstration of this media solution, plus media solutions for client and server.

A powerful cross-architecture, cross-OS productivity suite to quickly and easily create applications targeting Android*, iOS* and Windows* devices.

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