Code Samples

Simplify development and propel your projects with these code samples.

Installation Packages

The Intel® Media SDK samples are packaged separately and require a separate download. They are built with a recent version of CMake*, which can be downloaded from its website or installed via standard package management.

Download CMake


Download Samples

GitHub*: Version


Latest Code Sample Packages

Embedded Linux* (.zip)
Windows Media* (.msi)

Previous Code Sample Packages

Windows 2016 R2 (.msi)


Install on Windows*

Note: These instructions are unnecessary for Linux. The files automatically install in the correct directory.

  1. Browse to [install-dir]\media_sdk\samples\download.html.
  2. To download the package, click download.html.
  3. Run the package, and then follow the instructions from the installation wizard.

What's Included

Code samples help you understand functions and controls. Use them with the relevant tutorials for a complete training experience.

Sample Name Description
Transcoding sample_multi_transcode
Transforms an elementary video stream from one compressed format to another.
Encoding sample_encode
Converts raw video frames into an elementary compressed stream.
Decoding sample_decode
Transforms a compressed video stream into raw frames using HEVC decode and VP8 decode. The plug-in and the included sample_decvpp demonstrate decode functions with color conversion of raw video sequences.
Video Processing sample_vpp
Demonstrates how to use algorithms that process raw frames using denoising, deinterlacing, inverse telecine, and color conversion techniques.
OpenCL™ Video Motion Estimation (VME) ocl_motion_estimation
Provides step-by-step guidelines on using Intel’s motion estimation extension for the OpenCL standard. The motion estimation extension includes a set of host-callable functions for frame-based VME.
OpenCL™ Interoperability ocl_media_sdk_interop
Shows how to use Intel Media SDK and Intel® SDK for Open CL™ applications together for efficient video decoding and fast post-processing.
HEVC GPU Assist APIs sample_h265_gaa
Supplies examples of the typical data and control flow for using HEVC GPU Assist APIs effectively.