Build professional-grade media applications for client, mobile, and embedded IoT environments.


  • Enable real-time, hardware-accelerated video encoding, decoding, and processing with the full integration of Intel® Quick Sync Video. Run video and image processing with outstanding performance and high visual quality completely on the GPU while using the CPU for other tasks.
  • Decode and encode video using HEVC, AVC, MPEG-2, VP9, VC-1, MVC, and JPEG.
  • Support for multiple widely used video preprocessing filters:
    • Color conversion
    • Deinterlace
    • Denoise
    • Resize
    • Rotate
    • Crop
    • Composition and alpha blending
    • Frame-rate conversion
    • Video signal information
    • Mirroring (Microsoft Windows* only)

For the Windows version:

  • HEVC codec components. Software- and GPU-accelerated HEVC (H.265).
  • Video Quality Caliper analysis tool performs sequence-level inspection of encoded or decoded video streams, and provides objective metrics such as PSNR and SSIM, all through an interactive interface.
  • RAW video and image processing. Quickly convert RAW camera output to display-compatible formats. Apply color adjustment and effect filters in real time for visually stunning media.
  • Audio decode and encode. Deliver fast, quality audio playback and encode for AAC, MPEG-1, and MPEG-2.


Specific technical specifications for hardware apply. For details, see System Requirements.

benchmark of A V C and H E V C

benchmark for video decoding and componsition

table showing target bit rate quality level

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