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Speed up video encoding, decoding, and processing in applications for Microsoft Windows* and embedded Linux*.

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Develop professional-grade media and video applications for digital surveillance, retail, industrial, smart home, video conferencing, and more using the libraries, tools, and samples included in this SDK. Its single API enables hardware acceleration for fast video transcoding, image processing, and media workflows while helping you use the capabilities in Intel® Quick Sync Video.

  • Accelerate rich media performance. Speed up video playback, encoding, processing, and media formatting conversion.
  • Cut product time to market. Prototype, optimize, and productize your media pipelines with a comprehensive, convenient API.
  • Speed up transition to new codecs. Use efficient codecs with hardware acceleration to increase speed, compression, and quality across AVC, HEVC, and MPEG-2.
  • Debug and customize your products quickly. Find and solve application bugs, port applications to new operating systems, and add new features using source code for open source Linux*.


What's New in the 2018 R2 Release for Windows*?

  • Capabilities to scale the HEVC software encoder across multiple cores for faster, efficient transcoding
  • Enhanced adaptive long-term reference (LTR) compression support for ExtBrcAdaptiveLTR bringing more efficiency for high-quality video while using less bandwidth for online gaming, video conferencing, and similar uses
  • Support for motion compensated temporal filter that uses motion to improve the efficiency of video denoising, which results in better video quality
  • Enhancements to software and GACC HEVC encoders that improve video quality when using 100-bit color format

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What's New in the 2017 R2.1 Release for Embedded Linux*?

  • Features that improve video and image processing and quality for AVC, HEVC, and VP9.
  • Support for 8th generation Intel® Core™, Celeron®, and Pentium® processors.

Embedded Linux*

  • Includes a validated media stack for building robust solutions.
  • Enables full access to hardware-accelerated codecs, Intel Quick Sync Video, and processor graphics to speed up performance.

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Embedded Linux

Who Needs the Intel® Media SDK

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Common Uses

Developers who need fast video encoding, decoding, processing, media format conversion, and image processing use this SDK for:

  • Desktop or mobile video players and editors
  • Video conferencing or streaming applications
  • Smart camera and network video recorder software
  • Content capture and distribution for digital surveillance, industrial, retail, healthcare, and more
  • In-vehicle infotainment and instrument cluster firmware

Do You Build Media Apps for Cloud & Network Environments?

Intel® Media Server Studio for Linux May Be Right for You

Innovate and optimize media applications and solutions for data center, cloud, and network use with this robust suite of software development tools for Linux platforms. Perfect for broadcasting and streaming live, over the top (OTT), and video-on-demand (VOD), cloud gaming, and virtual desktop infrastructure.

Try a free Community Edition or a 30-day trial of the Professional Edition for Linux.

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