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How Simics found a Xen Bug – Why Target Variation Matters

A few months ago, Intel® simulation engineers working on Wind River* Simics* reported a bug in the Xen* hypervisor to the public email list. The bug was that Xen did not do the right thing when enabling Intel® Memory Protection Extensions (Intel®...

"Upstreaming" Artificial Intelligence: Making AI Available for All

Artificial intelligence (AI) - machines that can learn from their results to improve their programming for better results. This is how humans operate. We try something, we judge the result and modify our behavior. What some considered to be science...

Maximizing performance in the cloud

Getting an instant boost on common web apps hosted in the cloud

Speaking about Simics and SystemC at DVCon Europe

On October 20, I will be speaking at the Design and Verification Conference and Exhibition Europe 2016 (known as DVCon Europe), presenting a paper titled “Integrating Different Types of Models into a Complete Virtual System – The Simics SystemC*...

Open Source Software is Leading Us Into a Technical Utopia

It’s unlike anything else in any industry. Open source software can turn individual developers into influencers overnight. Free enterprises from decades-long licensing dependencies. Turn startups into publicly traded companies in no time. But it...

Cryptocurrencies are a Target for Cybercriminals – Social Platforms are Next (Part 2)

Continuation from part 1: Cryptocurrencies are a Target for Cybercriminals – The New Risks of Innovation Cyber criminals are always looking for victims and ways to exploit them. Stealing what is valuable is the goal. Cryptocurrencies hold...