LAPACK Linear Equation Routines

This section describes routines for performing the following computations:

  • factoring the matrix (except for triangular matrices)

  • equilibrating the matrix (except for RFP matrices)

  • solving a system of linear equations

  • estimating the condition number of a matrix (except for RFP matrices)

  • refining the solution of linear equations and computing its error bounds (except for RFP matrices)

  • inverting the matrix.

To solve a particular problem, you can call two or more computational routines or call a corresponding driver routine that combines several tasks in one call. For example, to solve a system of linear equations with a general matrix, call ?getrf (LU factorization) and then ?getrs (computing the solution). Then, call ?gerfs to refine the solution and get the error bounds. Alternatively, use the driver routine ?gesvx that performs all these tasks in one call.

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