Summary Statistics Task Editors

Task editors are intended to set up or change the task parameters listed in Table "Parameters of Summary Statistics Task to Be Initialized or Modified". As an example, to compute the sample mean for a one-dimensional dataset, initialize a variable for the mean value, and pass its address into the task as shown in the example below:

#define DIM    1
#define N   1000

int main()
     VSLSSTaskPtr task;
     double x[N];
     double mean;
     MKL_INT p, n, xstorage;
     int status;
     /* initialize variables used in the computations of sample mean */
     p = DIM;
     n = N;
     mean = 0.0;

     /* create task */
     status = vsldSSNewTask( &task, &p, &n, &xstorage, x, 0, 0 );

     /* initialize task parameters */
     status = vsldSSEditTask( task, VSL_SS_ED_MEAN, &mean );

     /* compute mean using SS fast method */ 
     status = vsldSSCompute(task, VSL_SS_MEAN, VSL_SS_METHOD_FAST );

     /* deallocate task resources */
     status = vslSSDeleteTask( &task ); 

     return 0;

Use the single (vslsssedittask) or double (vsldssedittask) version of an editor, to initialize single or double precision version task parameters, respectively. Use an integer version of an editor (vslissedittask) to initialize parameters of the integer type.

Table "Summary Statistics Task Editors" lists the task editors for Summary Statistics. Each of them initializes and/or modifies a respective group of related parameters.

Summary Statistics Task Editors




Changes a pointer in the task descriptor.


Changes pointers to arrays associated with raw and central moments.


Modifies the pointers to arrays that hold sum estimates.


Changes pointers to arrays associated with covariance and/or correlation matrices.


Modifies the pointers to cross-product matrix parameters.


Changes pointers to arrays associated with partial covariance and/or correlation matrices.


Changes pointers to arrays associated with quantile/order statistics calculations.


Changes pointers to arrays for quantile related calculations for streaming data.


Changes pointers to arrays associated with algorithms related to a pooled covariance matrix.


Changes pointers to arrays for robust estimation of a covariance matrix and mean.


Changes pointers to arrays for detection of outliers.


Changes pointers to arrays associated with the method of supporting missing values in a dataset.


Changes pointers to arrays associated with the algorithm for parameterization of a correlation matrix.


You can use the NULL task pointer in calls to editor routines. In this case, the routine is terminated and no system crash occurs.

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