Automating the Process of Setting Environment Variables

To automate setting of the INCLUDE, MKLROOT, LD_LIBRARY_PATH, MANPATH, LIBRARY_PATH, CPATH, and NLSPATH environment variables, add mklvars.*sh to your shell profile so that each time you login, the script automatically executes and sets the paths to the appropriate Intel MKL directories. To do this, with a local user account, edit the following files by adding the appropriate script to the path manipulation section right before exporting variables:






or ~/.profile

# setting up MKL environment for bash

. <absolute_path_to_installed_MKL>/bin
/ [<arch>] [mod] [lp64|ilp64]



# setting up MKL environment for sh

. <absolute_path_to_installed_MKL>/bin
/ [<arch>] [mod] [lp64|ilp64]



# setting up MKL environment for sh

. <absolute_path_to_installed_MKL>/bin
/mklvars.csh [<arch>] [mod] [lp64|ilp64]

In the above commands, the architecture parameter <arch> is one of {ia32|intel64|mic}.

If you have super user permissions, add the same commands to a general-systemfile in/etc/profile(for bash and sh) or in/etc/csh.login(for csh).


Before uninstalling Intel MKL, remove the above commands from all profile files where the script execution was added. Otherwise you may experience problems logging in.

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