Configuring the Eclipse* IDE CDT to Link with Intel MKL

This section explains how to configure the Eclipse* Integrated Development Environment (IDE) C/C++ Development Tools (CDT) to link with Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL).


After configuring your CDT, you can benefit from the Eclipse-provided code assist feature. See Code/Context Assist description in the CDT Help for details.

To configure your Eclipse IDE CDT to link with Intel MKL, you need to perform the steps explained below. The specific instructions for performing these steps depend on your version of the CDT and on the tool-chain/compiler integration. Refer to the CDT Help for more details.

To configure your Eclipse IDE CDT, do the following:

  1. Open Project Properties for your project.

  2. Add the Intel MKL include path, that is, <mkl directory>/include, to the project's include paths.

  3. Add the Intel MKL library path for the target architecture to the project's library paths. For example, for the Intel® 64 architecture, add <mkl directory>/lib/intel64_lin.

  4. Specify the names of the Intel MKL libraries to link with your application. For example, you may need the following libraries: mkl_intel_lp64, mkl_intel_thread, mkl_core, and iomp5.


    Because compilers typically require library names rather than file names, omit the "lib" prefix and "a" or "so" extension.

For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.
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