Fortran 95 Interfaces to LAPACK and BLAS

Fortran 95 interfaces are compiler-dependent. Intel MKL provides the interface libraries and modules precompiled with the Intel® Fortran compiler. Additionally, the Fortran 95 interfaces and wrappers are delivered as sources. (For more information, see Compiler-dependent Functions and Fortran 90 Modules). If you are using a different compiler, build the appropriate library and modules with your compiler and link the library as a user's library:

  1. Go to the respective directory <mkl directory>/interfaces/blas95 or <mkl directory>/interfaces/lapack95
  2. Type:
    • For the IA 32 architecture, make libia32 INSTALL_DIR =<user_dir>
    • make libintel64 [interface=lp64|ilp64] INSTALL_DIR=<user dir>


    The parameter INSTALL_DIR is required.

As a result, the required library is built and installed in the <user dir>/lib directory, and the .mod files are built and installed in the <user dir>/include/<arch>/[/{lp64|ilp64}] directory, where <arch>is {ia32, intel64} .

By default, the ifort compiler is assumed. You may change the compiler with an additional parameter of make:

For example, the command

make libintel64 FC=pgf95 INSTALL_DIR=<userpgf95 dir> interface=lp64

builds the required library and .mod files and installs them in subdirectories of <userpgf95 dir>.

To delete the library from the building directory, type:

  • For the IA-32 architecture, make cleania32 INSTALL_DIR=<user_dir>
  • make cleanintel64 [interface=lp64|ilp64] INSTALL_DIR=<user dir>

  • make clean INSTALL_DIR=<user_dir>


Even if you have administrative rights, avoid setting INSTALL_DIR=../.. or INSTALL_DIR=<mkl directory> in a build or clean command above because these settings replace or delete the Intel MKL prebuilt Fortran 95 library and modules.

For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.
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