Fortran 95 Interfaces to LAPACK and BLAS

Fortran 95 interfaces are compiler-dependent. Intel MKL provides the interface libraries and modules precompiled with the Intel® Fortran compiler. Additionally, the Fortran 95 interfaces and wrappers are delivered as sources. (For more information, see Compiler-dependent Functions and Fortran 90 Modules). If you are using a different compiler, build the appropriate library and modules with your compiler and link the library as a user's library:

  1. Go to the respective directory <mkl directory>/interfaces/blas95 or <mkl directory>/interfaces/lapack95
  2. Type one of the following commands depending on your architecture:
    • For the IA-32 architecture,

      make libia32 INSTALL_DIR=<user dir>

    • For the Intel® 64 architecture,

      make libintel64 [interface=lp64|ilp64] INSTALL_DIR=<user dir>


    The parameter INSTALL_DIR is required.

As a result, the required library is built and installed in the <user dir>/lib directory, and the .mod files are built and installed in the <user dir>/include/<arch>[/{lp64|ilp64}] directory, where <arch> is one of {ia32, intel64}.

By default, the ifort compiler is assumed. You may change the compiler with an additional parameter of make:

For example, the command

make libintel64 FC=pgf95 INSTALL_DIR=<userpgf95 dir> interface=lp64

builds the required library and .mod files and installs them in subdirectories of <userpgf95 dir>.

To delete the library from the building directory, use one of the following commands:

  • For the IA-32 architecture,

    make cleania32 INSTALL_DIR=<user dir>

  • For the Intel® 64 architecture,

    make cleanintel64 [interface=lp64|ilp64] INSTALL_DIR=<user dir>

  • For all the architectures,

    make clean INSTALL_DIR=<user dir>


Even if you have administrative rights, avoid setting INSTALL_DIR=../.. or INSTALL_DIR=<mkl directory> in a build or clean command above because these settings replace or delete the Intel MKL prebuilt Fortran 95 library and modules.

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