The MKL_NUM_STRIPES environment variable controls the Intel MKL threading algorithm for ?gemm functions. When MKL_NUM_STRIPES is set to a positive integer value nstripes, Intel MKL tries to use a number of partitions equal to nstripes along the leading dimension of the output matrix.

The following table explains how the value nstripes of MKL_NUM_STRIPES defines the partitioning algorithm used by Intel MKL for ?gemm output matrix; max_threads_for_mkl denotes the maximum number of OpenMP threads for Intel MKL:

Value of


Partitioning Algorithm

1 < nstripes < (max_threads_for_mkl/2)

2D partitioning with the number of partitions equal to nstripes:

  • Horizontal, for column-major ordering.
  • Vertical, for row-major ordering.

nstripes = 1

1D partitioning algorithm along the opposite direction of the leading dimension.

nstripes ≥ (max_threads_for_mkl /2)

1D partitioning algorithm along the leading dimension.

nstripes < 0

The default Intel MKL threading algorithm.

The following figure shows the partitioning of an output matrix for nstripes = 4 and a total number of 8 OpenMP threads for column-major and row-major orderings:

You can use support functions mkl_set_num_stripes and mkl_get_num_stripes to set and query the number of stripes, respectively.

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